Curiosity being prepped for launch (NASA)
My name is Abraham Samma. I'm studying to become a doctor in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This blog of mine follows the adventures of the robotic mission to Mars called the Mars Science Laboratory, aka Curiosity which was launched in 2011 and arrived at Gale crater, Mars in August 2012.

Space exploration is my childhood hobby and it hasn't left me. I still follow it up wherever and whenever I can. I even have a telescope that gets out once in a while. It has no practical purpose in my neighbourhood whatsoever but I think it does. It shows us (the whole world included) that space exploration is a manifestation of humanity's ability and need to know what's on the other side of an obstructed view. Be it any kind of field, our curiosity is what has helped to be what we are toady; an advanced race of animals who by these intellectual gifts have managed to solve so many problems here on Earth and is on the verge of sailing the black oceans of space. Exploration is important and it does pay back. It doesn't help to deny the innovators and the thinkers of our society support. The stuff in their heads will only continue to look irrelevant to us if we continue to be inattentive towards them!

This blog's true mission is not just following this new space mission to another world. It's true mission is to inspire attention to our ability to think and achieve.